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Identify Variables

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After 5 weeks of voluntary wheel running...mice (of a certain strain) were significantly resistant to the sleep inducing effects of (alcohol). Sixty-four mice, 32 males and 32 females, were assigned to wheel (free access to a running wheel in the home cage) or no-wheel conditions. At the end of the training period, the animals were removed from the exercise cages and tested for sensitivity to (alcohol)..., assessed by (the time it took them to fall asleep). Exercised animals (took significantly longer before they fell asleep and had) shorter duration of sleep time (after falling down). Exercise caused a significant decrease in body weight in male but not female mice. The present results suggest that exercise training may be effective in reducing (alcohol)-induced sleep.

a) What was (were) the independent variable(s)?
b) What was (were) the dependent variable(s)?
c) What was the design of the study? List each independent variable and indicate the levels of each.
d) Was this a true experiment or a quasi-experiment, or partly both? Explain.
e) Was there a main effect of sex on time before the mice fell asleep?
f) Was there a main effect of running on time before the mice fell asleep?
g) Was there an interaction with regard to time to fall asleep? If there was describe it.
h) Was there an interaction with regard to weight loss? If so, describe it.

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