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Do you think Freud had valid data to support this particular aspect of his theory?

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This solution explains if Freud had valid data to support aspects of his theory. References are provided.

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1. Do you think Freud had valid data to support this particular aspect (?) of his theory?

Are you referring to our personality developing in childhood?

In terms of any part of Freud's theory being empirically tested or testable, it is difficult to test unconscious processes. How do we test the idea that a young girl has penis envy (Electra) or a young boy has a fear of castration (Oedipus Complex)? He followed Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory of human nature, who was also criticized for theories that were untestable. Freud was a biologist and used anatomy and physically observed behavior and interpreted this information in terms of sexuality.

Freud did not study children. Instead, ...

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