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Confidence and Anxiety Level

Can one's level of confidence or perceived level of confidence in any given situation impact anxiety level?

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Confidence and Anxiety

Casriel (2007) writes that anxiety (angst which is also the psychological and physiological state of worry) is a state of panic and fear. The operant word here is fear and worry, a reaction to a particular stressor that drains the confidence and sense of control from an individual, making them feel that they will be unable to cope, leading one to feel anxious about an upcoming tragedy, an impending doom. Based on this, one can say that it is the lack of confidence and control over a situation, a task or an outcome that leads to anxiety.

The reason why this appears common sense - if you are not confident about your ...

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The solution provides a concise discussion of the relationship between confidence and anxiety. In particular, it provides an answer to the question (see above) on the impact of level of confidence to anxiety levels one might have. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.