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Are humans naturally violent?

Do you think in your opinion are humans naturally violent?

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Interesting debate that still continues! Let's take a closer look!


1. Do you think in your opinion are human naturally violent?

This depends on what theory a person holds about human nature. Behaviorists argue, for example, that we are born with an an empty slate (meaning we know absolutely nothing at birth, and our empty slate needs to be filled by the environment), so it depends on what we learn through the environment. This determines our behavior, including whether or not the human being will use violent behavior. For example, when raised in a threatening environment, the person is more likely to either react with violence or passivity for self-preservation. The environemnt dictates all our behavior. In other words, we learn to be violent. Many critics and much research has refuted this theory that new born infants have an empty head waiting to be filled up from the environment. Research suggests, for example, that babies learn very early how to communicate to meet their needs e.g., crying, smiling, etc. Infants react to parents, etc. meaning that there brains are not empty 'slates' at birth, just not as developed as they will be as the child develops cognitively. so, behaviorists would argue against the premise that humans are naturally violent.

Humanistic theories argue that we are born with an innate goodness (as opposed to be naturally violent) and we might act out through violence to meet our needs if for example, all other healthy options have been exhausted. Instead, humans have an innate thriving to reach her or his potential. Life ...

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