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Writing an Experiment & Experiment Proposal

Write a 500-750- word experiment proposal that clearly addresses the issue of a drug's efficacy. Be sure to design the experiment so that valid conclusions concerning the effects of Physostigmine can be determined. Proposal should include identification of independent and dependent varibles, description of patient selection methods, descussion of extraneous varibles that may operate in the experiment, explanations of controls in the experiment, Discussion of ethical issues pertaining to the conducting of the experiment

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1. Writing an Abstract
I would begin the proposal with some type of overview or abstract that included facts about physostigmine (P.) and what it is used for (i.e. what it treats). I did find a few different uses for the drug in my research, but the main use seems to be in the treatment of glaucoma. You may also want to discuss here how it treats glaucoma. The drug causes one's eye by causing the eye to release more fluid in order to reduce the amount of pressure in the eye. I would include a hypothesis in this section as well. A hypothesis is generally and "If...then..." statement that explains your prediction. An example for testing P. might be something such as, "If P. claims to cause eye to release more fluid, then glaucoma patients taking P. should experience more liquid/tears than patients not taking P." This example is the one I will refer to in the remainder of this solution, but you could also try one such as "If patients take P. for 2 weeks, then they will have more fluids released from their eye(s) than if they take P. for a 5-day ...

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