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Teens and domestic violence

Ideas to develop a research paper on domestic violence among teenagers are listed.

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This is a very broad topic, but not impossible. This is how I approach these assignments and when I teach, this is what I want my students to do.

1. First, I list what I know about the topic and try to pick something that I care about. For example, you might choose to look at research about domestic violence in teens and does this carry on to adult domestic violence; is domestic violence in teens correlated to socio-economic status; is it correlated to other things like the part of the country, race, alcohol use, grades, etc. (but choose only one correlation, like alcohol use); do men suffer domestic violence as teens;
do teenage mothers become victims more often than teens who are not mothers... If I'm unable to narrow a topic down, I go to Wikipedia and look at how they broke the subject down. If it's not listed in Wikipedia, I try to find a library book that has the subject in it and look in the index. The index will have the subject broken down by subtopic for you.

2. Once I have 2 possible subtopics (in case one doesn't work out), I go to either Google Scholar (www.scholar.google.com) or to the library's article search site and type in the subtopic between quotes. "domestic violence in teens and alcohol use". Our school has PsycInfo and PsycArticles which are both pretty good at finding articles you can download instantly. Try ...

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This job offers a "how to" approach to writing about teens and domestic violence.