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What are the challenges of being single in contemporary American culture. In the discussion area, list some of the pressures and issues faced by single adults in our society, and present strategies for helping these clients.

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This is an interesting question, I will not answer it in an essay, but I will provide some points for you, and then you can put it all together

- being single has become a stigma in today's society.

There are classical reasons why people like to be in couples
- companionship
- support
- sex
- monetary reasons

Things are very different now then they were back in the day:
- 50 years ago, most women did not work
- men were the one who would bring in the money
- women would stay home with the kids
- the only career women had were nurses or teachers
- women were financially bound to their men and were dependent on them to pay the bills

How are things different now
- women get educations and work and many have high powered jobs
- they are now self sufficient and do not need to dependent on men to pay the bills
- women own their own homes, have their own savings

So in contemporary times, women do not need men for ...