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US income tax versus UK vat tax

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Compare the current Federal income tax structure of the U.S. with that of the VAT national tax implemented by the United Kingdom. How would the U.S tax structure change if it implemented the VAT system? In your opinion, do you think the VAT system is preferable to the current one? Explain your answers with examples.

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The UK VAT differs from the US income tax as it operates more as our version of a sales tax such as implemented by many states. Companies and consumers pay the tax for the products they buy, apart from staples such as groceries, education, children's clothing, etc. Often the tax is incorperated into the actual listed price of the good, so a tv listed at 500 pounds is actually 500 pounds rather than you attempting to figure ...

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This solution compares the VAT tax in the United Kingdom with the United State's income tax system, offering advice on how the United States system would likely change if it switched to a VAT system like the UK. It offers links to understanding the VAT structure and to a thesis which compares the two and theorizes about the change.