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Discuss the implications of a poll tax

1. British Prime Minister Lady Thatcher proposed a poll tax that levied an equal amount of tax on each citizen regardless of his or her income. This tax was repealed after a brief trial period.

Why do you think this tax was unpopular? Discuss the pros and cons of the tax and arrive at a conclusive answer.

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A poll tax, also called a head tax, was one that was assessed or levied on each individual adult in a community. The amount of the tax was exactly the same for each adult regardless of income, status or property ownership.

In the USA, the poll tax became associated with voting in the South when the tax was required to be paid before a citizen could vote. The purpose of the poll tax was to limit voting by poor Southerners which effectively precluded many blacks as ...

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The 318 word cited solution discusses the concept of a poll tax and give examples in the US as well as the UK. Also discusses is the theory of taxation and how the poll tax does not follow our current progressive system of taxation.