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    Locke on property and ownership

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    How do individuals come to own property, according to Locke?

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    How do individuals come to own property, according to Locke?

    Locke begins his arguments concerning property by arguing that the earth and its fruits have been given by God to all men in common "for the support and comfort of their being." (Second Treatise, 26) Further to this, he argues that God has also given men reason, so that they might "make use" of these "to the best advantage of life, and convenience." (26) The fruits of the earth, then, are given for the use of men (being of no benefit if left unused), and if they are to be used, they must become a part of those who are to use them. In other words, the rights of others to particular fruits ...

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    The solution explores the idea of property and ownership according to Philosopher John Locke.