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    Hypothetical Government

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    I have to write a paper about a hypothetical situation where I am given an island and now have to establish a functioning government. Can someone please get me started under the following topics:

    Describing the type of local government that would be established (i.e., county, city, etc.);
    The form of that government (i.e., township, municipal charter, etc.);
    The management system (i.e., commission, mayor, council, etc.).
    How would the leadership positions be instated (appointment, election, etc.).
    What types of law enforcement and judicial systems would be put into place, and any rehabilitation systems for criminal offender.

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    Describing the type of local government that would be established (i.e., county, city, etc.);
    The type of government is going to be influenced by the size of the island that you have been given to administrate. If the island is very large, for example more than 100 square miles of land you may have more than one city or town on the island. If the island is large then, you will need to establish a county type of government that is capable of handling the needs of various townships, cities or villages. This would include multiple post offices, schools, sanitation departments, judicial buildings and security institutions such as police, firefighters etc.
    If the island is small and only one city or village is imagined then a city type government might be sufficient. England is an example of a larger island and Singapore an example of a smaller island/city.

    The form of that government (i.e., township, ...

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    This solution describes a hypothetical situation where the individual is given an island to govern. The form of government, system of government, leadership and government services that would be created are discussed. While the solution offers some solutions, its purpose is really to generate ideas and possibilities given this scenario. Over 600 words of original text.