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    Sovereign Wealth Funds and Immigration

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    What are sovereign wealth funds? What are the negative and positive impact of these funds on states?
    Do Sovereign Wealth Funds Threaten Economic Sovereignty?

    Is immigration an economic benefit to the host country?
    How does immigration affect the host country? Why is immigration seen as a threat?

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    Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF's) are a means by which countries invest surplus funds. For example, oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia are investing their surplus wealth made from the sale of this non-renewable resource to protect the future wealth of its citizens. SWF's have become an investment strategy for countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Singapore, and more recently, China.

    SWF's can benefit the future economic wealth of a country by funneling dividends from non-renewable resource exports into an investment plan, ...

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    An analysis of the effects of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF's). Also included is a discussion of the impact of immigration on a host country.