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American hate crimes within the past 20 years

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I am attempting to write out a hypothesis on the topic of whether the US Congress has been able to decrease hate crimes within the past 20 years. I need assistance with deriving a fantastic hypothesis that is "eye catching" and interesting to the reader.

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The expert examines the American hate crime within the past 20 years.

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The qualities of a successful hypothesis are: clarity, test-ability and a strong direction or assertion (though this last quality is not applicable to null hypotheses). In short you will need to clearly state what relationship you think there is between the US Congress and hate crime prevalence (positive or negative) and list the major areas of evidence on which you are basing that assumption. The categories of evidence should directly lead into your major sections of the paper or thesis draft.

I often will describe these factors in generic terms in the first sentence of a thesis and use the next 2-3 sentences to elaborate (for example: Trend A is impacting B because of economic, political and social factors (highlighting an economic specific causal relationship, political specific causal relationship, or social specific causal relationship for instance). To ...

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