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    Motion with Constant Acceleration Two space crafts approaching

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    Spacecraft A and spacecraft B are traveling on paths parallel to an x axis. Initially, at t=0, A is located at XoA= -30 m, moving at VoA=+25 m/sec, and having constant acceleration aA = -4.5 meters per second squared.
    Also at t=0, spacecraft B is located at XoB= +60 m, moving with initial velocity VoB= -9.5 m/sec and acceleration zero.
    a. Picture all known information in a diagram.
    b. Find two times when A and B have the same x coordinate.
    c. Find the x coordinates when the two spacecraft are alongside each other.
    d. On one qualitative "x vs t" graph, show x(t) for both spacecraft. Write the
    x(t) coordinates of all seven intercepts and intersections.

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