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Momentum work and power etc

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If any conversions are done kg has to be to N or lbs to N and units after answers.

1.) What is linear momemtum of a 198 kg aircraft going 48.3m/s

2.)a 240kg cart runs into the rear of a 134kg cart that is stationary the two carts lock together after the collision and move with a speed of 13.8m/s what is the speed of the moving cart before the collision.

3.)136N box is lifted a distance of 6 meters. How much work is done.

4.) A small 135 kg cart in a repair shop is lifted by a hydraulic lift to a height of 8meters what is the potential energy of the cart relative to the floor of the shop.

5.) A Soldier has a huge contraption that notches a large 1kg arrow (it looks more like a lance) in a massive bow that uses a winch system that draws it back to set the bow. The soldier does 121 Joules of work in the process of setting the bow/arrow combination then releases the arrow. What is the speed of the arrow.

6.) A worker on a tower that is 20.6 ft hight drops a wrench of the tower. what is the speed of the wrench when it hits the ground. (metric units are needed to solve).

7.) a 1.2 kg ball is thrown upward at a initial velocity of 9.1 m/s how high will the ball go.

8.) a 162 watt motor is used to lift a 147kg container to a height of 8m. how much time does it take to lift the container with the motor.

9.) An Elevator can lift a 121 N aircraft a distance of 24 m in 18 s what is the power output of the elevator.

10.) a person weighing 140lbs can run up 500 steps (each step is .20m high) in 16 minutes 12seconds. How much power did the person expend running up he steps (using metric units).

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