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    Conservation of Energy

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    A skier coasts down a very smooth, 10-m-high slope (v =20 m/s), what is his speed at the bottom of the slope. If the skier has a mass of 60kg and the force of friction retards his motion by doing 2500 j of work, what is his speed at the bottom of the slope?

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    m=mass of the skier= 60 kg
    initial velocity=v1= 20 m/s
    Kinetic energy at the top of the slope= 1/2 m v1 ^2= 12000 Joules = 1/2 * 60 * 20 ^2

    Height of the slope=h= 10 m
    Acceleration due to gravity=g= 9.81 m/s^2
    Loss of potential energy in coming down the slope=mgh= 5886 Joules = 60 * 9.81 * ...

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    The solution calculates the speed at the bottom of the slope for a skier.