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    Coefficient of Kinetic Friction Between Football Uniforms and Astroturf After a Head-On Collision

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    Fred (mass 70.0 kg) is running with the football at a speed of 7.10 m/s when he is met head-on by Brutus (mass 130 kg), who is moving at 5.10 m/s. Brutus grabs Fred in a tight grip, and they fall to the ground. How far do they slide? The coefficient of kinetic friction between football uniforms and Astroturf is 0.350. Give answer in cm.

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    m1 = 70 kg
    m2 = 130 kg
    u1 = 7.10 m/s
    u2 = -5.10 m/s (-ve sign: opposite direction)

    After collision
    m = m1 + m2 = 200 kg
    v =?

    By momentum ...

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    The solution walks the reader through the calculations taken to find the coefficient of kinetic friction between football uniforms and astroturf after a head-on collision between players where their speed and masses are given.