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    Rotational motion of a motor

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    Problem: The man stands on the platform at O and runs out toward the edge such that when he is at A, y = 5 ft, his mass center has a velocity of 2 ft/s and an acceleration of 3 ft/s^2, both measured with respect to the platform and directed along the y axis. If the platform has the angular motions shown, determine the velocity and acceleration of his mass center at this instant.

    Determine the distance the load W is lifted in t = 5 s using the hoist. The shaft of the motor M turns with an angular velocity = 100(4 + t) rad/s, where t is in seconds.

    (See attached file for figures and full problem description).

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    The solution provides a step-by-step calculation that determines velocity and acceleration of the a man's mass as well as the distance a load is lifted using the hoist (see attachment).