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Molecular Dynamics MATLAB Code

Write the simplest possible one-dimensional "molecular dynamics code" for two particles?
I use MATLAB, so I want a MATLAB code for molecular dynamics or velocity verlet algorithm code.
I need to determinate x1, x2 and v1, v2 in different times.

Some websites may help you:

I don't have experience in MATLAB, so this so difficult for me.
I tried reading about it, but I became more puzzled.

Someone help me please.

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I will assume a baseline knowledge of programming concepts such as functions, variables, loops, etc. If you need some explanation of these I can help in another post. Otherwise, I will explain the attached MATLAB code where it is necessary to understand how MATLAB differs from C++ or some other programming language.

The code is based off the equation on the pdf.

In MATLAB, there is no necessity to declare the type of the variable. MATLAB internally keeps track of it. Thus, to declare a variable you simply declare it.


x = ...

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