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    Fluids: Pressure of fluid column, Burnoulli equation

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    1. Examine the schematic of the tower. Water flows in at the top to balance the water flowing out through the holes, so the height of the water in the tower stays fixed. Take state1 at the top of the water in the tower and state 2 in the water just as it flows out of the hole.
    a. What is the pressure at states 1 and 2? Explain
    b. Write down Bernoulli's equation
    c. If the holes are at heights of 3.0 cm, 13 cm and 23 cm above the surface of the water in the lower basin and the top hole is 3.0 cm below the top of the water in the tower, predict which one you believe will go farthest (top, middle, or bottom). Explain your reasoning.

    a) The pressure in state 1 and 2 are different. The pressure at state 2 will be more then state 1 because of the ...

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    Conceptual questions to learn fluid pressure and Bernoulli equation.