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Bernoulli's equation of continuity in liquid flow from large to smaller pipe

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See attachment #1 for diagram.

Bernoulli's equation and equation of continuity in liquid flow from large to smaller pipe

A sprinkler supply pipe pumps water upward from a larger pipe, diameter d2=.28 m, to a smaller pipe, diameter d1= .12 m. The velocity of the water through the smaller pipe is v1= 6 m/sec.

a. find the water velocity in the larger pipe.
b. find the rate of flow in kilograms per second in the smaller pipe.
c. find the difference in pressure between two points, if one point, in the smaller pipe is 8 meters above the point in the larger pipe.

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The solution presents an 8-part detailed explanation of how to arrive at the correct answer.

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PART a. We can equate the water which flows past a plane in the larger pipe in time t, to the volume which flows past a plane in the smaller pipe in time t.

(1) (v1)(t)(Pi) (d2^2)/4=(v2)(t)(Pi)(d1^2)/4 from which, after canceling, we get:
(2) ...

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