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Average velocity

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Please give step by step answers please.

1) The position versus time for a certain object moving along the x-axis is shown. The object's initial position is -3meters.

The graph is position in meters for the y axis and the x axis is time in seonds.

Point one on the grpah for 0 sec. is at (0,-3), 1 sec at (1,3), 2 sec (2,9), 3 sec (3,6.1 approx), 4 sec (4,4), 5 sec (5,4), 6 sec (6,0), for 7 sec (7,-4) and for 8 sec (8,-2) and 9 sec (9,0)

1) Find the average velocity in the time interval 0 sec to 4 sec. Answer in units of m/s.

2) Find average velocity for 2 to 4 sec, then for 4 to 7 sec, and then for 0 to 9 sec please.


3) A person takes a trip driving with a constant speed 98.5 km/h except for a 15.1 min rest stop. If the person's average speed is 67.4 km/h, how much time is spent on the trip? Answer in units of h?

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This solution is provided in 371 words. It describes the difference between average speed and average velocity, as well as demonstrates how to calculate average velocity and time spent on a trip.

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(1) There is some difference between average speed and average velocity.
The average speed of an object is defined as the distance traveled divided by the time elapsed. Velocity is a vector quantity, and average velocity can be defined as the displacement divided by the time. Velocity is a vector quantity, so in this case the time interval is 0 sec to 4 sec, so the time elapsed is 4 sec.

The object's position is -3m at 0 sec and 4m at 4 sec and the object moves in a ...

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