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    Average Velocity and Distance

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    1) Two ants race across a table that is 72.5 cm long. One travels at 4.02 cm/s and the other at 2.7 cm/s. When the first one crosses the finish line, how far behind is the second one? Answer in units of cm.

    2) The position of a car coasting down a hill was observed at various times and the results are summarized in the table below.

    Time Distance
    0s 0.43m
    1s 1.6m
    2s 12.8m
    3s 21.5m
    4s 33.9m
    5s 54.5m

    a) Find the average velocity of the car during the first second. Answer in m/s.
    b) Find the average velocity of the car during the last three seconds. Answer in m/s.
    c) Find the average velocity of the car during the entire period of observation in m/s.

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    1. Time taken by 1st ant = 72.5/4.02 = 18 sec.
    Distance traveled by 2nd ant in 18 sec = ...

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