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Acceleration, velocity and distance

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1. A car goes from rest to 60 ft/sec in 30 seconds, what was its average acceleration?
2. A rocket accelerates at a rate of 200 m/sec^2 from rest for 20 seconds. What is its final velocity?
3. If the total change in velocity of an object was 50 m/sec for 10 seconds, what was the acceleration?
4. A boat starts at a velocity of 10 mi/hr and accelerates to 50 mi/hr in one hour. What was its acceleration?
5. Starting from rest, how long will it take a car to reach 88 ft/sec if it accelerates at a rate of 4 ft/sec2?
6. When a rock falls from rest, it will reach a velocity of 160 ft/sec after falling for 5 seconds. What is the acceleration due to gravity
7. An object accelerates from 120 m/sec to 200 m/sec at a rate of 4m/sec^2. How long did it take to achieve this change in velocity
8. If a rocket has an acceleration of 300 ft/sec^2 and accelerates from rest for 5 seconds, what is its final velocity?
9. What total change in velocity will occur in 4 minutes with an acceleration of 20 m/min^2?
10. A sled sliding down a hill accelerates for 10 seconds at a rate of 2 ft/sec^2 and reaches a velocity of 50 ft/sec. What does the sleds original velocity?

Distance and speed
9. A sled sliding down a snowy hill at 30 ft/s accelerates for 10 seconds at 2 ft/s, what is the sled's final velocity?
10. A snail crawls at a rate of 3 m/s for 9 seconds. How far did the snail crawl?
11. If a car goes from 4 meters per second to 12 meters per second, find its average velocity?
12. How long will it take to go to Atlanta (100 miles away) on a horse going 5 mph.
13. A storm is travelling at 35 mph. It is 50 miles away. How long will it take the storm to arrive?
14. How far can you travel in a airplane flying 300 km/hr in 2 hours?
15. Falling objects drop with an average acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. If an object falls from a tall building, how long will it take before it reaches a speed of 49 m/s?

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