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Kinematics: Velocity of a car driving 7 hours at 46km/h then 7 hours at 69km/h, Recon plane, and Electron in a TV.

Please use step by step solutions with answers and show equations used. Please show every step no matter how minor please.

1)You drive a car 7 hours at 46kmh then 7 hours at 69kmh. What is your average velocity? Answer in km/h.

2) What is your average velocity if you drive a distance of 402.5 km at a speed of 46 km/h, then the same distance at a speed of 69km/h? Answer in km/h?

3) Assume 1.72km/lap. A car is one lap behind the lead race car when the lead car has 51 laps to go. If the speed of the lead car is 53.6 m/s, what must be the average speed of the second car to catch the lead car just vefore the end of the race at the finish line. Answer in m/s.

4) A recon plane flies 485km away from its base at 708m/s then flies back to its base at 1062 m/s. What is the average speed in m/s?

9) The electrons in a TV set are accelerated in th epicture tube. This region is 1.8cm in length, the electrons enter with a speed of 100000 m/s and leave at 1.5*10^8 m/s. What is their acceleration over this 1.8cm length in m/s^2?
Part b) how long is the electron in the accelerating region in seconds?