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    Cosine Curve and Total Energy

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    ATTACHMENT1 shows the graph of x(t) for a mass M= 2.4 kg suspended on a spring of force constant k, executing SHM.
    a. From information on the graph, develop x(t) with numerical values and units for the constants of the SHM.
    b. Find the force constant, k, of the spring.

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    Part a. Step 1.
    From the graph on ATTACHMENT1, observe that amplitude Xm= .5 m.
    Step 2.
    Since the period is the time required for one cycle, the time between 0.3 sec and 1.3 sec gives:
    (2) T= 1.0 sec
    Step 3.
    From physics statement D on the ...

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    The cosine curves and total energy are found. The expert finds the force constant in springs.