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Working with Energy Conversion Efficiency

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Please refer to the attached file. It contains more than one-page.

Please answer at least TWO multiple-choices questions. Explain in-detail why such answers are chosen.

It is difficult to answer these non-assignment multiple-choices questions. Please help to work out the detailed step-by-step answers to these non-assignment multiple-choices questions. The detailed step-by-step answers will be helpful for understanding the context of the subject.

Please be reminded to answer at least TWO multiple-choices questions.

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1. The instantaneous power waveform has frequency which is twice that of the source, This is because the E*I product gives a sine-squared function which is at twice the frequency of the original sine waves. But this is true only for a resistive circuit. So the answer is C.
In other cases, the current will lag or lead the applied voltage and the power waveform will be a cosine wave with frequency at twice the source frequency.

Instantaneous Power = E ...

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