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Tension, stress in a pipe due to change in temperature.

When the hot water in a certain upstairs bathroom is turned on, a series of 18 "ticks" is heard as the copper hot-water pipe slowly heats up and increases in length. The pipe runs vertically from the hot-water heater in the basement, through a hole in the floor 5.0 m above the water heater. The "tick" are caused by the pipe sticking in the hole in the floor until the tension in the expanding pipe is great enough to unstack the pipe, enabling it to jump a short distance through the hoe. If he hot water temperature is 46'C and room temperature is 20'C, determine (a) the distance the pipe moves with each "tick" and (b) the force required to unstack the pipe if the cross-sectional area of the copper in the pipe is 3.55x10^(-5)m^2.

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A nice question relating the elastic stress with the temperature of a hot water pipe. The pipe is ticking with change with the change in temperature.