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    Calculate change in temperature of hydrogen in a reaction

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    Given that:
    H_2 (g)+ F_2 (g) => 2HF(g) change in degrees H_rxn = -546.6 kJ mol^(-1)
    2H_2 (g)+O_2 (g) => 2H_2 O(l) change in degrees H_rxn= -571.6 kJ mol^(-1)

    Calculate the value of => H_rxn for:
    2F_2 (g)+2H_2 O(l) => 4HF(g)+ O_2 (g)
    change in degrees H_rxn = _______________

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    1. Multiply equation 1 by 2.
    (Note: If the equation is multiplied by a certain number, the change of H of the reaction is multiplied as well by that same ...

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    This solution explains how to calculate the change in temperature in a hydrogen reaction.