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    C++ calculating temperature variation and wind average

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    You are developing a database of measured meteoroligical data for use in weather and climate research. Define a structure type measured_data_t with components: site_id( a 4 digit integer), wind_speed, day_of_month, and temperature. Write a program that inputs measured_data_t records and determines the site with the greatest variation in temperature(define here as the biggest difference between extrema) and the site with the highest average wind speed for all the days on file.

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    Attached are two zips - one with C++ project and second with the executable. It is not specified in your task how the data is entered, so I have set it to enter data from a file called "inputdata.txt". It ...

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    A C++ console program that will read input data from a text file and performs simple meteoroligical calculations - finding greatest temperature deviation and wind average. Makes use of structures and arrays. The result output is on the screen. Simple validation is provided checking for file existence and maximum record count.