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    What is the name of a star that is a good example of a

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    1. What is the name of a star that is a good example of a:
    a. cool main sequence star: ___________________ d. red supergiant: _____________________
    b. hot main sequence star: ___________________ e. blue supergiant: ____________________
    c. red giant:_______________________________ f. white dwarf: _______________________

    2. What is the name and characteristics of the star in the database that is the:
    (M = Absolute Magnitude., m = Apparent Magnitude.)
    a. most luminous: __________________________ M: ___________ Dist.: ___________
    b. least luminous: __________________________ M: ___________ Dist.: ___________
    c. brightest (not sun): _______________________ m: ___________ Dist.: ___________
    d. faintest: ________________________________ m: ___________ Dist.: ___________
    e. hottest: ________________________________ Spectral Class (SC): ________________
    f. coolest: ________________________________ Spectral Class (SC): ________________
    g. largest star: _____________________________ M: ___________ SC: ____________
    h. smallest star:____________________________ M: ___________ SC: ____________

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