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    Problems based on Newton's laws of motion.

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    According to the question wind is blowing horizontally and applying the force in horizontal direction, which is having a component along the slop in upward direction. The only other force along the slop is the component of the weight of the skier, which up the slop (nothing is given about the friction and we will consider it negligible).

    (a) It these two components are equal and opposite then they will balanced and the resultant of the two along the slop will be zero, thus no acceleration and the velocity remains constant. Hence the equation of motion will be

    m*g*sin 100 - F = 0

    Gives F = m*g*sin100 = 40*9.8*0.1736
    = 68.05 N.


    Now if the component of the force due to wind is having magnitude less ...

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    The problems are based on Newton's laws solved with free body diagrams and the basic concepts with resolving the force vectors etc.