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Two Meteoroids and Entering Earth

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Two meteoroids are heading for earth. Their speeds as they cross the moon's orbit are 2.0 km/s.

(A) The first meteoroid is heading straight for earth. What is its speed of impact? Make sure your answer is in km/s.

(B) The second misses the earth by 5000 km. What is its speed at its closest point? Make sure your answer is in km/s.

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Constants needed are:
earth mass M= 5.98 E 24 kg or (5.98 x 10^24 kg)
earth radius R= 6.37 E 6 m
distance Earth to Moon's orbit: r= 3.84 E 8 m
universal constant G= 6.67 E -11 ( nt m^2 )/(kg^2)

Note 1. Original distance from earth center to each meteroid is r
Note 2. Since the location of the moon is not mentioned, we ignore the PE of moon-meteoids. To include this PE, we would need to know where the moon is re meteroids.
Note 3. We ignore as negligible, the heat generated by the impacting meteroid upon arrival, in moving ...

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