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    Structure factor and intensity of diffraction

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    BaTiO3 has a primitive cubic lattice and a basis with atoms having fractional coordinates

    Ba 000, Ti 1/21/21/2, O 1/21/20, 1/201/2, 01/21/2

    Show that the X-ray structure factor for the (00l) Bragg reflections is given by

    F_hkl = f_Ba + (-1)^1f_Ti + [1 + 2x(-1)^1]f0,

    where f_Ba is the atomic form (scattering) factor for Ba, etc.

    Calculate the ratio l_002/l_001, where I_hkl is the intensity of the X_ray diffraction from the (hkl) planes. You may assume that the atomic form factor is proportional to atomic number (Z), and neglect its dependence on the scattering vector. [Z_Ba = 56, Z_Ti = 22, Z_O = 8].

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