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    Rigid Body Kinematics

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    The circular disk rotates with a constant angular velocity w=40 rads/sec about its axis which is inclined in the Y-Z plane at the angle A = arctan ¾. Determine the vector expressions for the velocity and acceleration for point P located on the rim, whose position vector at the instant shown is r = 15i + 16j -12k in.

    (Please see attachment for fig.)

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    (Please refer attachment for fig.)

    Position vector of point P : r = 15î + 16j -12k .......(1)

    Angular velocity vector has a magnitude of 40 rad/sec and its direction is along the axis of rotation as shown in the fig.. above.

    y component of angular velocity = 40 x cos53.13 = 24

    z component of angular velocity = 40 x sin53.13 = 32

    Hence, angular velocity vector can ...

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