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    Acceleration of rocket sled

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    1) A rocket sled running on a straight level track has been used to study the physiological effects of large accelerations on astronauts. One such sled can attain a speed of 408m/sec in 1.6sec. starting from rest.

    a) What is the acceleration of the sled, assuming it is constant? Answer in m/s^2.

    b) How many g's would you pull? That is, what factor times g=9.80m/s^2 is this?

    c) How far does the sled travel in 1.6sec, starting from rest? Answer in meters.

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    a) The sled can attain a speed of 408 m/s in 1.6 sec..

    Initial velocity = 0
    Final velocity = 408 m/s
    Time taken = 1.6 sec

    Change in velocity = 408 m/s

    Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity in 1 sec. (rate of change of velocity).
    Now, change of 408 m/s in velocity takes place ...

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