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Coriolis force and angular deviation of a Projectile

A projectile is fired horizontally along the earth's surface. Show that to a first approximation the angular deviation from the direction of fire resulting from the Coriolis force varies linearly with time at a rate of cos wq, where q is the angular frequency of the Earth's rotation and is the latitude angle, the direction of deviation being to the right in the northern hemisphere.


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I have picked the coordinate axes as shown. x axis points to the South. z-axis is normal to the surface. y-axis is to ...

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Questions involving Coriolis force is a little bit challenging since it involves visualization. But with a little practice doing variety of problems, it becomes easy to work with any type of problems which involve Coriolis force. This is an interesting problem where the angular deviation of the projectile from the direction of fire is determined. This will be a very good practice problem. I have done another problem involving Coriolis force at Brianmass. If you are interested, you can do a search under my name and the key word Coriolis Force.