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    Centrifugal clutch

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    FIGURE 1 shows a centrifugal clutch. Each of the three equally spaced shoes with linings has a mass of 5 kg and is restrained radially by a tension spring as shown.
    For the stationary position shown, the residual tension in each spring is 200 N. Neglecting the mass of the springs, determine:

    (a) the speed of rotation at which the shoes commence to move radially outwards
    (b) the speed of rotation at which the shoes first make contact with the inner surface of the clutch drum
    (c) the power transmitted by the clutch when the speed of rotation is 600 rev min-I. Take the coefficient of friction between the shoe linings and drum surface as 0.3.

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    a) The residual tension in the spring is given as 200 N. As the centrifugal clutch rotates, each shoe experiences a radially outward centrifugal force of magnitude mω2R. The shoes start to move radially outwards as soon as the centrifugal force equals the residual tension in the springs. Hence,

    mω2R = 5  ω2  0.2 = 200 or ω (= 2πf) = √200 = 14.14 rad/s [where ω is the angular speed and f the frequency in rps]

    Or f = 14.14/(2π) = 2.25 rps

    Or f = 2.25  60 = 135 ...

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