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The power dissipated in a resistor.

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The power dissipated in a circuit is given by the product of voltage and current across the circuit.

As the current during the first hour is constant (= 500 mA = 0.5 A) but the voltage is varying from 4V to 6V the power will vary from 2 watt (4*0.5) to 3 watt (6*0.5).

Between one hour to two hour the current is constant (= 200 mA = 0.2 A and the voltage varies from 6V to 12 V, the power will vary from 1.2 W to 2.4 ...

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The solution is giving answers to four good questions about the power dissipated in a resistor by a battery. The conditions are given in form of voltage-time and current-time graphs. The power-time graph drawn is giving the variation in power at different times.