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    Circuit Analysis

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    Please see the attached file for fig.

    1) For the given circuit find :

    a) Total equivalent resistance
    b) Total current coming from the battery
    c) Current flowing through R7 = 12 ohm resistor
    d) Voltage drop across R7= 12 ohm resistor
    e) Current flowing through R6 = 12 ohm resistor
    f) Voltage drop across R6 = 12 ohm resistor
    g) Voltage drop across R5= 12 ohm resistor
    h) Voltage drop across R4= 20 ohm resistor
    i) Current flowing through R5 = 12 ohm resistor
    j) Current flowing through R4 = 20 ohm resistor
    k) Current flowing through R3 = 2.75 ohm resistor
    l) Voltage drop across R3= 2.75 ohm resistor
    m) Voltage drop across R1= 3 ohm resistor
    n) Voltage drop across R2= 9 ohm resistor
    o) Current flowing through R1 = 3 ohm resistor
    p) Current flowing through R2 = 9 ohm resistor

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