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Intensity of light passing through series of polarizers

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Unpolarized light is passing through three successive polarizers placed one after the other. Polarizing axis of Polarizer 1 is vertically arranged i.e. polarizing axis is making 0 degree angle with vertical axis. Next polarizers, Polarizer 2 and Polarizer 3 are placed in such a way that their polarizing axis are making 30 and 90 degree angle with vertical axis respectively. (a) Find the intensity of light coming out of 3rd polarizer. And (b) show what will happen if second polarizer is removed. (intensity of incident unpolarized light as 1 unit)

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A. When polarised light is passing through the polariser the intensity of light passes through the polariser is given by
I = Io * Cos^2(theta) ; Where, Io - intensity of incident light and theta - angle between polarization direction of incident light and axis of polarizer.
Now in our case incident light is unpolarized light beam which can be taken as a mixture of linear polarizations uniformly for all possible angles (0 degree to 360 degree ...

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