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    Mass, force, gravity: What is more important, the planet Uranus or the physician?

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    The mass of Uranus is 9x10 to the 25th kg. Its mean distance from the earth is about 3x10 to the 12th meters. Estimate your mass in kilograms at birth. Then find the force exerted upon your body at birth by Uranus. Is it very large? Next assume that you were delivered by a 100 kg physician who was on the average about 10 cm from you at birth. What force did this doctor exert on you at birth? What would seem to be more important, the planet Uranus or the physician?

    My mass at birth was 9 lbs.

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    The gravitational force between two bodies 'm1' and 'm2' separated by a distance 'r' is given by :

    F= G*m1*m2/(r^2) (i)

    where G = gravitational constant, G = 6.673*10^-11 m^ 3/kgs^2.

    Now, in the first case :
    m1= mass of Uranus = 9*10^25 kg
    m2 = your mass at birth = 9lbs = 4 kg(say)
    r= distance ...

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    The mass, force and gravity importance on different planets are discussed. The force a doctor exerts on you at birth are discussed. The solution shows all the formulas and calculations with explanations and the answer.