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Calculating Mercury Rising and Applied Force

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I'm having trouble completing these practice problems.

1. A barometer is made from a closed tube inserted (closed end up) into a pool of mercury (density = 13.6 g/cm^3). The pool of mercury is open to the air. How high does the mercury rise in the closed tube?

2. A hydraulic lift is used to lift a 1,300 kg car has a diameter of 25 cm. A mechanic pushes down on a 6.0 cm plunger attached to the lift. How much force must the mechanic apply to lift the car?

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We solve two physics problems involving air pressure.

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1. The weight of the mercury inside the tube counteracts the pressure difference between the air outside the tube and the vacuum inside the tube. We have

PA = mg
= dVg
= dAhg

- where P is the atmospheric pressure, A is the cross section of the tube, m is the mass of ...

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