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Physics Rowboat Mercury Weight Density

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You (m=80.0 kg) are in a rowboat (m=40.0 kg) of volume 0.300 m3. To answer the following, use the density of seawater as 10,050 N/m3.
Before you step into the rowboat, how much water does the rowboat displace with nothing in it?
What is the maximum load (excluding you and the boat) that you can take on before the rowboat sinks?
If the rowboat was placed in a pool of mercury of weight density Dw = 1.36 X 105 N/m3, how much total weight (in lbs) could you put in the rowboat (including yourself) until it sank?

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How much water the rowboat displaces with nothing in it is determined. The weight density of mercury is found.

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a) Lets consider first case, when there is nothing in the boat. Then the sum of all forcea acting on the boat is equal to zero, and there are only 2 forces - the gravitational attraction force, Fgrav = mboat * g (where g is the acceleration fo free fall, g = 10 m/sec2 ) and the Archimed's force( I am sorry if I misspelled the name, ...

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