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    Geometrical Optics: Form images with a plane mirror; minimum height of mirror

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    You are 1.8 m tall and stand 3.0 m from a plane mirror that extends vertically upward from the floor. On the floor 1.5 m in front of the mirror is a small table, 0.80 m high. What is the minimum height the mirror must have for you to be able to see the top of the table in the mirror? Please include what law is used to solve.

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    See attached drawings.

    The first step to solving this problem, as with all optics problems is to make a drawing. Attached is a file of the drawing I made.

    The principle law used in solving this problem is the law of reflection, that is a light will reflect with an angle of reflection equal to the angle of ...

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    The form images with a plane, mirror and minimum height of mirrors are examined. With clear explanations and drawings, the problems are solved.