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    Electric Circuit

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    In the circuit shown in the attachment E=60V, R_1=40 Ohms, R_2=25 Ohms and L=0.3H. Switch S is closed at t=0 s. Just after the switch is closed

    a) What is the potential difference across the resistor R_1?
    b) Which point (a or b) is at higher potential?
    c) Find potential difference across the inductor (L).
    d) Which point is at higher potential (c or d)?
    e) What is the maximum value for current through R_2 and how much time is needed to reach half of that maximum value?

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    a) As the switch is closed at t = 0, full battery voltage comes across resistance R_1. Hence, potential difference across R_1 at t= 0 is 60 V.

    b) The positive terminal of the battery is connected to point a and the negative terminal to b and as we know, +ve terminal of a battery is at a higher potential with respect to the -ve terminal. Hence, point a is at a higher potential than point b.

    c) At t = 0, the current through the series combination of R_2 and ...

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