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Newton's Law of Cooling Problem

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At 9:00 PM a coroner arrived at a hotel room of a murder victim. The temperature of the room was 70 Degrees F. It was assumed that the victim had a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F (AT THE TIME OF DEATH)(not at 9:00 PM). The coroner took the victim's temperature at 9:15 PM at which it was 83.6 degrees F and again at 10:00 PM at which it was 80.3 degrees F.
At what time did the victim die?

This problem is supposed to be solved by usinf Newton's Law of Cooling :
T(t) = T_s + (T_0 - T_s)e^(Kt).

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Newton's Law of Cooling describes the cooling of a warmer object to the cooler temperature of the environment. Specifically we write this law as,
T (t) = Te + (T0 − Te ) e - kt, ...

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