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    Different Types of Astronomical Measurements

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    After many differnt typs of astronomical measurements, it is now that believed that X-1 is a black hole

    a. Find the location of this black hole relative to earth

    b. Caculate Schwarzchild radius of the Cygnus X-1 black hole

    Help I haven't been able to find the mass of Cygnus X-1. I cannot caculate the schwarzchild radius without this information. I guess I am stumped. Been on the net and totally confused.

    Equation for Schwarzchild radius r=2GM/(c squared)
    R=radius G=Gravitational Constant M=Mass C= Speed of light

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    All the data you require can be found at this database (an excellent information site):


    and specifically for the HDE226868 star:


    Right Ascension and ...

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    The different types of Astronomical measurements are determined.