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    The Refraction of Perpendicularly Incident White Light

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    The refraction of perpendicularly incident white light by a soap film in air has an interface maximum at 600nm and a minimum at 450nm, with no minimum in between. If n=1.33 for the film, what is the film thickness, assumed uniform?

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    For interference maxima by a soap film of thickness t is given as,
    2*n*t = (k+(1/2))*lambda_1 ...(1)
    where, n= refrective index of film = 1.33
    lambda_1 = wavelegth for which there is maxima = 600 nm
    k = an integer

    For minima with a ...

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    The solution works through the problem step by step to clearly arrive at the answer detailing the necessary thickness of soap film to produce the described ray of white light.