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    Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

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    Calculate the uncertainty in position of an electron that has been accelerated across a potential difference of 100 kV +/- 100 V.

    Hints: Derive an expression for the momentum as a function of the voltage (potential difference) and differentiate. Also dV may be represented by the uncertainty in the voltage (i.e. +/- 100 volts = 200 V)

    Relationship between kinetic energy and voltage : E_k = V*q

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    As per given problem,
    Ek = V * q = 100kV * 1 = p2 / 2m,
    where, m is the mass of electron and q = as one ...

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    This solution includes four steps of calculations. Uncertainty in position can be found by putting the values of m, V , h and dV in the resulting expression.